I can piece too!

About 99% of my designs are appliqué. When I took my beginning quilting class over 25 years ago, appliqué was all part of the deal, and it turned out I was a happy appliquér from the get-go.

But I can piece when I want to! Witness my very latest pattern.


Buttonton Square is put out by Cut Loose Press, a division of Checker Distributors. CLP takes a new approach to pattern publishing... it puts out unique, affordable quilt and project patterns geared toward beginning and intermediate quilters. Each pattern, printed both sides on one 8½x11 page of heavy duty cardstock, also introduces quilters to new tools and notions that will help them with their project and with their quilting in general.

I had a blast making this classic design using the good old-fashioned square-in-square block. I used Civil War-type fabrics together with shirtings for this version, but it would look great in any number of other fabric choices. And since I've been mini-obsessed with buttons lately, I added light ones on the colored fabrics and colored ones on the light fabrics. It was a lot of fun.

What made this project even nicer to construct was that I used a specialty tool to make the blocks, the Creative Grids Square On Square Trim Tool. It was such a relief when all the blocks came out the same size and with no points chopped off.


The pattern and the ruler are both available in my Etsy shop, as well as the "antique white" buttons that I used, and some embroidery needles for sewing on the buttons with embroidery thread.

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By Kay Mackenzie
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