This is how it all began!

In 2003, I set foot into the professional side of quilting when I published my first book, Dog Cabin and Others: A Fast Fun Theme-Quilt Project.

It's such a fun little book. It shows how you can use those novelty fabrics that you love, but haven't known quite what to do with. :)  The project is great for beginners, and the book gives lots of basic quiltmaking information. It's also an enjoyable romp for experienced quilters, one where you can turn off your left brain and let your right brain loose! Not to mention it's a great scrap buster.

I called the book Dog Cabin because the cover quilt has poodles in it. But you can use any novelty fabric in the center. Here's one I call Cherry Smash, which look very picnic-y!

Dog Cabin started me on a journey, and I haven't looked back. Since then I've published many more books, and have had three with Martingale. I've got a bunch of patterns in print. I've had a career as a traveling quilt-show vendor.  After all these adventures, I still have a soft spot in my heart for Dog Cabin.

There are still copies available, and I've put them at a discount from the original price. Dog Cabin is available from my Etsy shop or from my website. The links to both are at the bottom of this post.

Happy stitching!

By Kay Mackenzie
Kay's Etsy Shop

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